Listen we all know meeting that special someone, or anyone for that matter, is tough. I've been married for nearly seven years and am glad that I got tied the know narrowly missing out on dating apps. I'm not sure I could've adapted.

Plus with the world still coming out of COVID, times are tough, according to my single friends at least. Well if you're over dating apps, or just looking to mix it up a bit, how about a laser-tag mixer?

Sounds fun, right?

Well you are in luck, because Lazer X Texas in Longview is getting you hooked up a Single Mixer at Lazer X.

Are you tired of the same websites and apps?
Is the bar scene not for you?
Sick of the boring dinners at cheap restaurants?
Looking for something different?
Wanting to meet new people, make a special friend perhaps? No more lame nights sitting on your bum!
Get-up-&-get moving! Check out the singles mixer at Lazer X! A unique opportunity to mix and mingle!
Don't be a player, be the game!

And the best part? This is a bi-monthly event. They'll be hosting the party every first and third Thursday of the month. The next mixer is coming up on Sept. 2nd. The event will cost you $25 a person and that includes three games of laser tag, breaks in between, water and snacks are provided, and $2 in tokens to play. So grab your wingmen and wingwoman, it's lazer tag time!

Let me know if you meet that special someone, maybe we could do a follow up. Best of luck, oh and the Mixer is 21 and over (that means adults only). Doors will open at 6:45 p.m. Get more details here.

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