Every weekend in this great country, there is someone who wants to head out on the town but no one will go with them. Their options - stay at home or go out on their own. Well, as we've seen over the last few years, there's an online service for that. rentafriend.com is here for those who want to head out but not be by themselves.

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You go to the website, find someone that looks like they'd be cool to hang with for the evening and rent them. They can be your guest to your company party, go to a movie with, head out for drinks or even act as your wingman or wingwoman.

It'll cost you about $25 to $30 an hour (pricing may be different, though, the website will tell you). If you're not looking for a friend, you could be the friend rental. Make a few extra bucks and meet some new people in the process.

So, yeah, you're thinking, "If you want to be kidnapped, this is how you get kidnapped." Of course that risk is out there as no background checks are done and you pay cash for the friend to join you for the evening according to abc13.com. But the friends follow rules such as no activity outside of just hanging out, no meeting in a private location, no sharing a ride, no drinking too much and more.

There you go, the internet comes through for a select group of folks once again.

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