Scammers will scam but sometimes, I'm amazed at how creative these scammers can get. What I mean is, they can create the most OUTRAGEOUS scenarios to lure you in and get you to give up personal information and despite all of our best efforts to warn folks, they still fall for it. Don't fall for this one.

Tyler Police Warn Of Email Scam That's Going Around

According to a post to the Tyler Police Department's Facebook page, another email and text message scam is going around where some "charitable" folks are claiming to be giving away their "Canadian Lottery" winnings and out of nowhere they chose YOU to get some of their "Canuck Cash" (my apologies Canadian friends, I couldn't resist myself).

Let's Take A Closer Look At This Post...

Tyler PD Facebook
Tyler PD Facebook

For starters folks, this "letter" is rife with misspellings and bad grammar which instantly makes it suspect. Secondly, the tell tale sign of the scam is them asking for all this "personal" information. Ask yourself why your Occupation and marital status matters when you can just send me my money yall claim to have?? That's because they don't have any money for you fam, they're trying to get your personal info to steal your identity or do something even worse.

Here's What Tyler Police Recommend:


If you receive an email or text message like this Tyler Police recommend that you

  • DON’T ever click on any link in an email or text that comes from a person you don’t know, especially with odd grammar and weird capitalization.
  • Don’t ever send any random person your identifying information.
  • Nobody who is legit will ask you to buy gift cards to pay for something over the phone (warrants, loved ones in jail, police officers).


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