With all of the NFL buzz around where Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo might land, this video reminds us that he's just a parent like anyone else - not just a quarterback with a legacy (my opinion).

In Tony Romo's first Instagram post ever, he shares a video of him teaching his young kids how to play some good old fashioned American football. 4-year-old Hawkins was the QB (following his dad's footsteps) and Rivers (2 years old) exclaims he is the wide receiver in this scenario.

What I really got from this is that while Romo is nationally know as an NFL player, he is also just a dad teaching his sons how to play sports. And it ends just like how it did when my father taught me how to play baseball - in tears. But it's cute and humanizes Romo, who has been subjected to many rumors regarding his professional career.

I'd also like to scold all of the people who left negative comments about his children. Leave the trash talk on the grid iron. This is his family.

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