It could have been so much worse.

A college party in Denton, TX was abruptly interrupted by the floor giving out and miraculously, no one was badly injured. According to FOX 7, Denton police said there were about 100 people on a third-floor apartment near University of North Texas celebrating a UNT victory over University of Texas at El Paso when suddenly the floor gave in.

NSFW Language in video below:

There are multiple angles of the incident on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook and it really is a scary moment. Besides a few bruises and scratches, everyone came out physically OK.

Except for the girl who lived downstairs and routinely had issues with noise upstairs.

She told CBS-DFW that there were parties practically every weekend and that she'd 'watch her ceilings go up and down like a trampoline'. She's even called the local police because she was worried it might collapse. Then it did.

Luckily, Carley and her roommates left the apartment earlier to complain about the party upstairs to the police in person. As they were arriving, the police were receiving 911 calls about her apartment being destroyed. According to the Washington Post, she lost most of her belongings and 50 other students were displaced.

Denton firefighters said the most likely cause of the incident was 'too much jumping'.

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