It seems like, these days, you can be honored with a Guinness World Record for almost anything. Makes you almost want to give a try. Anything from the most tattoos, balls held in a dog's mouth, or collection of the most rubber duckies can make you famous in the world record world. Here is a list of the top ten craziest of the world records. 

When you were a child, did you ever try for a world record? It seems as if a lot of us did, but never achieved that goal. I remember it being so very difficult because there were only a certain number of records to beat. Now a days it seems like you can pretty well do anything to an extreme amount and get a world record.

Here is a list of ten of the world's weirdest Guinness World Records.

1. Most Steps Walked Down by a Dog Facing Forward Balancing a Glass of Water

Sweet Pea, an Australian Shepard/ Border Collie, walked down enough steps while balancing a glass of water to land herself a Guinness World Record in 2008.

2. Fastest Time to Enter a Suitcase

September of 2009, Leslie Tipton set the world record for fastest time taken to climb into a suitcase. It only took her a little over 5 seconds to fit her whole body into a suitcase.

3. Farthest Milk Squirting Distance

From Istanbul, Turkey, Ilker Yilmaz, set the world's record for squirt milk from his eye over 9 feet.

4. Heaviest Object Supported While Sword-Swallowed

Thomas Blackthorne swallowed a jackhammer and hands free supported it up right for his 2007 Guinness World Record. Want to see more from Blackthrone?

5. Loudest Burp Male

Paul Hunn of Waltham Abbey, United Kingdom achieved the world's loudest burp in 2009, making him the Guinness World Record holder.

6. Most Times Hit by a Car in Two Minutes

Dietmar Loeffler of Germany put his life on the line to earn a Guinness World Record. He is hit by numerous cars within a two minute timespan for his record. (Please, do not try this at home.)

7. Most Straws Stuffed in the Mouth (Hands Off)

In 2009, Simon Elmore stuffed 400 straws into his mouth without using his hands. This german was then awarded with his Guinness World Record for Most Straws Stuffed in the Mouth (Hands Off).

8. Largest Collection of Sick Bags

All the way from Wormerveer, Netherlands, Niek Vermeulen and his 6,016 sick bags landed him a Guinness World Record. From 160 countries and collected since the 1970's, these sick bags from 1,142 different airlines helped Wormerveer win back in 2010.

9. Longest Career as an Ice-Cream Man

Representing Iggy's Igloo Ice-Cream trucks, Charlie D'Angelo of New Jersey, has been an ice-cream man since 1979. This long standing career led him to being awarded his Guinness World Record in 2011.

10. Largest Ball of Cling Wrap/Plastic Wrap

In 2007, a ball made of over 280 pounds of cling wrap allowed Jake Lonsway to become the Guinness World Record holder for Largest Ball of Cling Wrap/ Plastic Wrap. Check it out.

For more of the weird and unique Guinness World Records, check out their website or purchase the new 2013 edition of the Guinness World Records book.

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