For a few weeks now I have seen things online regarding a turkey shortage, but I didn’t believe it was real until I saw information about it from Country Meat Market in Tyler, Texas. It wasn't long ago that I stopped into the Country Meat Market to grab some of their delicious brisket queso, which I think is a must for watching football. But the post online regarding the turkey shortage made me pick up the phone and get the details from them directly. 

After speaking with a very nice lady on the phone the turkey shortage concerns were confirmed as they have been asking every distributor possible (even reaching out to big box stores), it seems like everyone is struggling to buy the number of turkeys needed for the upcoming holidays. This is your warning, if you really want a turkey for Thanksgiving, you better try to pre-order it somewhere or keep an eye out in your favorite grocery store and try to save it for the holidays. 

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Ham Will Be Served at Many Thanksgiving Tables Around East Texas 

If the turkey shortage continues it looks like many families in East Texas will be serving ham instead of turkey. They are now taking orders for TipTop Smoked Hams if you want to lock in your meat for the holidays that are quickly approaching. 

Turkey Shortage for the Holidays is Very Real 

Please remember that while you are searching for a turkey these meat shops and grocery stores didn’t cause the problem so don’t take your anger or frustration out on the employees.  

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