I had it confirmed, albeit off the record, a couple of months ago that we'd be getting new Turnpike Troubadours music early this year. And with a wildly popular reunion tour, that's been steadily picking up dates, it's been a safe assumption that it would happen.

But it kinda hits differently when you see this picture of "Turnpike Troubadours" blocked off on the dry erase calendar for actual studio time.

You know what all this means right? <strong>There is a very good possibility that the next Turnpike album has already been recorded.</strong>

A couple of weeks ago one of our great listeners, and we've got a lot of those, Bob Foster, sent us a picture that he'd taken while at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. Thank you, Bob.

First of all, I love that they use a dry erase board, they're just so handy. Second as long as it all played out as the calendar indicates, our boys were in the studio beginning on February 9th through at least the 19th. After that the roses kinda get in the way.

That picture, seen below, coupled with the unidentified pictures that the folks over at Whiskey Riff found, the ones that when you squint in the right light, really looks like Hank Early and Evan Felker recording at FAME Studios is I think all the evidence we need. Go on zoom in on it.

attachment-BOB FOSTER

You do know what all of this means, right? There is a very good possibility that the next Turnpike album has already been recorded. Granted there are a lot of steps between studio time and getting to our ears, but this is another big step toward the return of a band I know a lot of us -- myself included -- thought we'd never see again together.

Today is a good day.

attachment-BOB FOSTER 2

Turnpike Troubadours' 2022 Concert Dates:

April 8 - Tulsa, Okla. @ Cain's Ballroom
April 9 - Tulsa, Okla. @ Cain's Ballroom
April 21 - Fort Worth, Texas @ Billy Bob's
April 22 - Fort Worth, Texas @ Billy Bob's
April 23 - Fort Worth, Texas @ Billy Bob's
May 6 - Helotes, Texas @ John T. Floor Country Store
May 7 - Houston, Texas @ White Oak Music Hall
May 14 - Morrison, Colo. @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
May 15 - Morrison, Colo. @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
June 24 - Pendleton, Ore. @ Jackalope Jamboree
June 24 - Filer, Idaho @ Gory's HWY 30 Music Festival
July 15 - Whitefish, Mont. @ Under The Big Sky Festival
July 31 - Floyd, Va. @ FloydFest
Aug. 4 - Chicago, Ill. @ Windy City Smokeout

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