Two Rusk County men have been charged with human trafficking.

(Police photo via
(Police photo via

Kendrick Davis and Charles Starling Jr., both residents of Henderson have been charged with human trafficking, according to! Investigators captured the two men while conducting an on-going investigation in Rusk County. As a part of the investigation, police executed a search warrant at a home located in the 5300 block of Highway 64. Officers found methamphetamine and a gun during their search. Police expect to arrest others in this case.

Kendrick Davis was charged with:

Aggravated sexual assault, 3 counts
Human trafficking, 2 counts
Unlawful possession fo a firearm, 1 count
Aggravated assault, 1 count
He is currently in the Rusk County jail, with his bond amount totaling $2.6 million.

Charles Starling Jr. was charged with:
Two counts of human trafficking