In late July, we learned the sad news of the death of Smith County Sheriff's Deputy Lorenzo Bustos. 21 year-old Daniel Nyabuto of Grand Prairie was arrested and is charged with intoxication manslaughter. Nyabuto remains in the Gregg County Jail with a $500,000 bond. The Texas Alcoholic and Beverage Commission (TABC) got involved in the investigation and believe that Where's Rufus Sports Bar in Tyler, Texas may have served alcohol to Nyabuto when they shouldn't have.

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Don't Mess with TABC

Having had first hand experience with TABC, I can tell you that I would rather make the IRS mad at me than TABC. They have no problem shutting down a business that serves alcohol if that business is not following the laws. One of the biggest complaints I have gotten when I worked in the bar industry was when I had to cut someone off who had too much to drink. It was not fun but it had to be done for the safety of that person and also for the business to avoid any TABC violations.

Tyler Sports Bar Investigated

Where's Rufus Sports Bar, a very popular sports bar in Tyler, was recently investigated by the TABC (CBS 19) in connection to the death of Smith County Sheriff's Deputy Lorenzo Bustos. It is believed that 21 year-old Daniel Nyabuto, the man accused of killing Bustos, was at the bar and left intoxicated resulting in Bustos' death. This could turn into a very bad situation for the bar as they could face penalties, including being shut down, and the bartender who over served Nyabuto could face charges as well.

Right now, it has only been determined that Where's Rufus Sports Bar "violated the Alcoholic Beverage Code’s requirement that the business not operate in a place or manner which endangers public safety." The investigation is still open.


I'm all for someone going out and having a good time. Problem is, some people don't take their drinking responsibly. If your sole purpose of going out is to get intoxicated, DO NOT DRIVE. Take an Uber, Lyft or taxi to your destination and let them bring you home. You can bring someone along who won't drink to drive you. Or better yet, just stay home and have your friends stay at the house with you until the next morning.

Its sad that we have to say this over and over again. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Because of someone's poor decision, a family lost a loved one. Don't let that be you that causes that pain.

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