As an adult we all understand that when a business is closed, you cannot use their building, even to use the bathroom. But should that same rule apply to little kids that have a more difficult time controlling their bodily functions? That question appeared on a social media site over the weekend and it seemed like everyone had an opinion on whether or not the business should have opened it's doors for the child to use the bathroom.

Let me give you more of the back story before you make you decision. The instance was reported by the kids mother who said they stopped by a Starbucks location in Tyler. Her kid really needed to go to the bathroom but employees told her that she would have to take her kids across the street to a gas station as their dining room was closed, which also meant the bathrooms were off limits.

Do You Think the Starbucks Employees Should Have Opened the Door?

We are talking about a kid who has to go to the bathroom, we've all been that that position where we need to go, NOW. But does that mean that employees should open their door, or do kids and adults need to be held to the same standard? The mom did mentioned that there was approximately 7 employees working the drive-thru line, so she also didn't understand why the dining room area was closed.

My Thoughts on if Starbucks Employees Should Have Opened the Door for the Kid to Use the Bathroom

While I want everyone to be kind to each other, the employee was told by her boss that the dining area is closed. I don't believe the Starbucks employees did anything wrong asking the mom to go across the street to use the restroom. I understand the frustration of not being able to use the closest bathroom, but the employee was just following the rules. But that is just my opinion on this matter.

What do you think, should the employee have opened the door for the child to go to the bathroom at Starbucks in Tyler?

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