While I don’t make it over to Shreveport very often, I always have fun when I am there. Mostly it’s just for music concerts but I’ve also had the pleasure of making money disappear at the Margaritaville casino before going to a concert. There seems to be a lot of fun things to do and lots of great places to eat, which is why I wanted to bring you a list of recommended restaurants if you’re in the Shreveport area. 

This whole conversation was brought up after someone posted on a Tyler social media page asking where she should go for brunch when in Shreveport, but she got answers for meals all throughout the day.  

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Make Sure You Google Any Restaurant You Want to Visit 

There were restaurants recommended by Tyler locals and some of them close early, just make sure you know their hours of operation before you make the trip to visit a specific restaurant. 

One Comment Was Not About Food in Shreveport But About Safety 

We all know that crime happens everywhere and that includes the Shreveport area. The comment online suggested that you should carry a pistol whenever you are visiting Shreveport. While I own and carry a pistol with me, I will say that when I have visited Shreveport in the past, I have never felt unsafe. But this is a personal choice, do whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

Let’s look at all of the recommended delicious food options by our neighbors here in East Texas. 

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