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When businesses open their doors every day or their representaives go on service calls and interact with customers and potential customers, their reputation is on the line. Businesses are under constant scrutiny and are often judged by how their employees answer the phone, how they greet customers when they walk in the door, what is said to them when they pull up to a drive thru speaker, how their company vehicles are driven on the road and in many other ways too.

One mistake or breakdown in training could result in a tarnished name and reputation and that is not good for any business. When a business earns a bad reputation, it takes a long time, money, energy, management changes, staff changes and more to earn back the trust of their customers and to gain that favorable image once again.

There is a social media group belonging to Whitehouse that is praising local businesses and people are really singing their praises right now. Whitehouse restaurants, veterinarian offices, air conditioning repair, landscapers, candle makers, churches, retail chains, coffee shops and more are being showered with love on this social media page.

This article is not an endorsement for any of these businesses. It is an example of how businesses in our local community are making a difference and obviously doing something right because they are receiving a lot of love from their customers and in this case, a posting on a social media page is just about the best form of advertising as word of mouth.

If you encounter great service from a local establishment, let them know about it. Let the management know about it, they really do want to hear the good along with the bad that all businesses receive.

Keep up the great customer service Whitehouse!

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