More and more travelers will be affected as more flights are being cancelled across the U.S. In what is quickly becoming an even worsening problem, American Airlines canceled a few more hundred flights at the last minute this morning.

It appears to be a "perfect storm" situation, as several causes have converged to cancel and delay flights.

Last month Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel flights, but as we move into November the same is now happening at American Airlines. Around 4,000 American Airline flights have been affected since Friday, and another 300+ were outright canceled this morning.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based carrier told FOX Business in a statement that it continues "to see improvement in its flight schedule Monday" and expects "considerable improvement" beginning Tuesday, although it is still experiencing "some residual operational recovery" from the weekend.

It appears to be a "perfect storm" situation, as several different causes are converging, the result being hundreds of canceled and delayed flights. According to reports the disruptions have been due to weather, staffing shortages, and, yes, COVID.

One of the biggest problems, though, has been flight attendants not being in the cities they are needed in to get planes in the air. It's one of those things that most people wouldn't even think about, but the Associated Press reveals that "two-thirds of Sunday’s cancellations were due to a lack of flight attendants in the right places, with almost all the remaining cancellations due to a shortage of pilots."

But as we close in on Thanksgiving and Christmas travel there is some good news. David Seymour, AA’s chief operating officer, said that nearly "1,800 flight attendants will begin returning to their jobs starting Monday and at least 600 new hires will be on board by the end of the year."

Happy travels!

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