Halloween is supposed to be a fun time for kids and adults alike. Kids love to get dressed up and fill their bag or bucket with candy while trick or treating. Adults love to dress up and congregate at a friend's house to have a good time for the night. Even though people know that foot traffic will be higher than usual on the streets, someone still will not pay attention to their surroundings and cause an accident. That's possibly what happened early Monday morning as a Tyler man was a victim of a hit and run.

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Victim of a Hit and Run

20 year-old Noah Mireles was attending a Halloween party in the Cascades Sunday night. His costume of choice for the evening was an inflatable dinosaur. Those costumes are always amusing and a lot of fun. The party wrapped up early Monday morning with Noah and his friend walking to his car. Noah's friend was helping him since it was a little hard to see out the sides of his costume. That's when a car hit both Noah and his friend and instead of stopping to render aid, kept driving.

Tyler police were called to the scene located in the 4000 block of Briarwood Drive in Tyler seen circled in the Google Map below:

Area of Hit and Run - Google Maps
Area of Hit and Run - Google Maps

Severely Injured from the Accident

EMS were also called to the scene and took both Noah and his friend to the hospital. Neither of their injuries were life threatening, thank goodness, but were still severely injured. Witnesses didn't get a clean look at the vehicle that hit them but did say it was a white or grey sedan similar to a Honda Accord or Toyota equivalent. If you have any details, police ask that you call them at 903-531-1000.

Please do the right thing and turn yourself in. - Melissa Mireles plea to the people who hit her son

Noah's Mother, Melissa, posted these pictures on her Facebook page to show the extent of her son's injuries:

We wish Noah the best in his recovery and hope that police can find who committed this hit and run.

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