Over the last couple of weeks, I've been talking about some things that Tyler could do to improve or change to increase the entertainment value in our fair city. I have to give a big Thank You to listener, Layne G., for reaching out to me and bringing up the topic of minor sports coming to Tyler. This reminded me of 25 some odd years ago when Tyler was home to a minor league baseball team, Tyler Wildcatters.

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Yes, Tyler was once home to a minor league baseball team. They were called the Tyler Wildcatters and were around from 1994 to 1997 and played at Mike Carter Field. While not officially affiliated with any major league baseball team, several Wildcatter players did make it to the majors.

It was a lot of fun to attend those games. The biggest drawback, and what may have been the biggest reason for low attendance and eventual closure of the team, was alcohol sales were not allowed at Mike Carter Field.

There is even a Facebook page dedicated to keeping the Wildcatters memory alive. Check it at facebook.com/Tyler-WildCatters-171246976262266/. There are some great videos of gameplay, news reports, player features and more.

Believe it or not, there is even a market for Tyler Wildcatters merch and players cards on eBay. Check it out HERE.

Bringing back a minor league baseball team, or any minor league sport for that matter, would be a great entertainment addition to Tyler. There are fans of all sports in Tyler and in the cities surrounding Tyler that would adequately support a team. Baseball would be easy because most every sports fans loves a good baseball game. Some form of minor league football would be a lot of fun. I don't know anything about soccer but a soccer team of some sort would be popular here.

City of Tyler, this is something to seriously look at. I'm sure there's some kind of tax revenue that can garnered from hosting a sports team. I'm sure there's tax revenue from hotel stays from fans of traveling teams to be had. I'm sure there's even tax revenue just from having a stadium built.

Having a minor league sports team of any kind can only be a good thing for the City of Tyler and all of East Texas.

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