We all get annoyed when things happen to our vehicle, especially things that damage or could possibly damage our vehicles like the ridiculously high speed bumps that are found in the parking lot outside Times Square in Tyler. Most people in Tyler agree that while speed bumps can really help people control their speed, the ones at Times Square are larger than needed. This seemed like a topic that wouldn't create much of a debate, but once again we were proven wrong and that people can always find something to argue about.

As you will see with all the comments below it seems like almost everyone understands the aggravation of huge speed bumps and the damage it can cause your vehicle. Whether it's scraping the undercarriage of your vehicle or damaging wheels, tires, or your alignment nobody wants it to happen to their vehicle.

Let's Just Be Honest, the Speed Bumps At Times Square in Tyler Are Bigger Than They Need to Be

While I haven't personally visited Times Square I have gone through the parking lot and remember noticing how large the speed bumps are. The reason I remember visiting this parking lot is because I drove around the parking lot to avoid the speed bumps because they are big enough to where they could do some damage.

I'm Still Wondering How This Topic Became a Multiple Day Disagreement on Social Media

We all feel like our opinion is correct, but this debate regarding speed bumps actually turned into a multiple day disagreement. Sometimes you have to agree to disagree.

If you missed out on the discussion that turned into a debate, here you go.

Tyler Residents Discuss Huge Speed Bumps Then Argue About It

Residents in Tyler were discussing the large speed bumps in the parking lot at Times Square, the discussion turned into a multiple day debate, check out the comments:

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