What you see in the photo above is my homemade attempt at making fried rice. I admit that my first time trying to make it didn't turn out all that hot but it was decent enough for me to consume. Its moments like this that I realize that some dishes should just be handled by the professionals.

I tried to make fried rice at home because I LOVE fried rice when its done correctly. Even though its a very simple dish, there's lots of restaurants here in East Texas where you can get some very delicious fried rice. Whether you like to add shrimp, beef, chicken or whatever, its a definitely a go to favorite when you hungry for some Asian cuisine.

As I was looking through Facebook recently, a user on Tyler TX Rant's Raves and Recommendations Facebook group, someone popped the question "Where Is Your Go-To For Fried Rice" and lots of folks chimed in with their favorites. I already have MY FAVORITE place to go and I'll share that with you here but for now, here's all the places Tyler residents recommend you go to for the best fried rice:



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I never had the fried rice at Panda Express but I'm also leery of "chain" Asian food places because they "dumb down" the recipes for mass consumption. But some folks love the Panda's Fried Rice.


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Go Fish is on the south loop of Tyler right around the corner from our studios. I've had their fried rice before because during the "winter storm" they were one of the only places open. Lots of folks in Tyler are big fans!


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Kawa's is already one of Tyler's most popular restaurants and folks rave about their fried rice as well.


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Peking is ranked in Yelp's Top 10 for fried rice and it's another spot that I personally have stopped by and tasted.


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Yamato's is another wildly popular Asian cuisine spot in Tyler. On any given night you'll find the parking lot filled to brim with folks trying to get in and it was also one of the most recommended places to go in the group.


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I've never been to Ming's yet but it comes highly recommended in the group and on Yelp landing at #5 on their list for fried rice.


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Liang's just moved to South Tyler and I stopped by their location a few weeks ago and enjoyed their fried rice with General Tso's Chicken. They also are highly recommended by the Tyler Facebook group.



Folks, THIS is the place to get the BEST fried rice in Tyler in my opinion. Louisiana Fried Chicken looks like a regular chicken joint but they have AMAZING fried rice in shrimp, beef, chicken or "house special". While only a few folks recommended them in the Facebook group, I literally go there once a week to get my fried rice fix.

Did we miss any? Let us know!

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