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One thing Tyler, Texas and Smith County Texas aren't lacking is places to eat. Just like banks and churches, there are a lot of restaurants in Tyler and throughout the county. Nearly anywhere you turn you're just a short drive away from some kind of eatery.

We are definitely an eat-out community. With so many people eating out or hitting up a drive-thru, restaurants have a huge responsibility to make sure the food they are prepping and delivering isn't just fresh, but safe to eat too. The Northeast Texas Public Health District (NET Health) is tasked to make sure these restaurants throughout Northeast Texas are following proper procedures and best practices so that no one gets sick from their food.

When it comes to restaurant inspections, NET Health inspectors not only inspect restaurants, but also hotels, retirement centers, concession stands, food trucks, and your local schools. Anywhere food is prepared and served, NET Health will perform some kind of inspection on the kitchen facility, food handling, food temperature, and employee hygiene to make sure the product they are putting out is safe to consume.

Many health departments give restaurants a letter grade, similar to what you got in school, but not NET Health. NET Health scores restaurants and gives them a demerit score. So the closer to '0' a restaurant is, the better they performed on their inspection report. The higher the number, the more issues they had.

It is not easy to run a restaurant because owners and managers have to constantly train staff, which is usually turning over often, on food handling procedures, how to hold foods at certain temperatures, proper food storage procedures in addition to having a clean and insect and rodent-free establishment.

The last thing a restaurant owner wants is to lose customer confidence.

NET Health Inspected 18 Tyler Restaurants, Check Out The Results (09.19.23)

Let's take a look at the latest restaurant inspection reports from NET Health from September 11th - 19th. The goal is to have a score of '0'. Those locations with a higher score had more issues within their location that needed to be addressed. You can visit the NET Health site to see why these food establishments received the score that they did.

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