What would you do if you got hit with those three words, you have cancer? Unfortunately, that is what one Tyler, Texas resident just got smacked with and he was originally told that his insurance would pay for 100% of his treatment. Well, that is not the truth as they will only be covering 60% of the costs. But this proud resident of Texas isn’t looking for a handout, he wants to find additional work to pay for these costs. 

The man's name is Brent MWeaver and he was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Brent is currently employed in Tyler with Viking Ready Mix but with the huge medical expenses he is looking for extra work to pay for everything.  

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What Kind of Work Does Brent Do? 

Brent seems like a real handyman, he works on plumbing, small concrete jobs, mowing and other small landscaping projects. He is open to just about any job and is willing to negotiate on the price to make sure it’s beneficial for everyone. 

His Medicine Costs Quite a Bit 

His medications are currently costing $6,000 per month but he will soon be referred to Plano which is only going to increase the cost.  

If you’re interested in reaching out to Brent for some work to be done, you can call him at 469-897-2306 or email brently.weaver@icloud.com 

We are wishing nothing but the best for Brent as he kicks cancer’s @$$. 

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