Last night, people all over the Tyler, Texas area heard an emergency siren reverberating throughout the city.

As if that wasn't alarming enough, people's phones received emergency push notifications from The Weather Channel or the local news stations to which they'd subscribed.

For me personally, when I heard the particularly electric and powerful thunder, I knew this was more than just a good old springtime thunderstorm in East Texas. Even my normally quite chilled-out cat, Jasper seemed concerned. He started out the window with his eyes as wide open as I'd ever seen them.

However, I live a little bit outside of the Tyler city limits and it wasn't too terribly long that it seemed the storm mellowed a bit and I fell asleep (I go to bed really early) not knowing that a tornado had actually touched down in Tyler.

A tornado did actually touch down within the city limits of Tyler, Texas, and the proof was to be discovered all over social media on Friday morning, April 21.

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There was some damage done in Tyler. We are so sorry to hear about those who are having to deal with the fallout of that today and likely for the next couple of weeks. We've heard so many stories about tornados that demolished huge areas and killed people and animals. And so, compared to that, we are beyond grateful that the tornado didn't cause more harm than it did.

However, to those in other areas affected by the storm system that were affected much more severely, we are sending all of our love your way. 

Have you had the chance to see some of the photos and videos that have been going around showing the tornado that touched down in Tyler, Texas? 

Here are several that we've run across. Please feel free to share any you took during the storm in the comments below.

This post was shared by the Cajun Navy Relief Facebook page:

Here's a report that was shared on The Everything Texas Facebook page that shows some of the severe damage done in other areas:

Here's a video report shared on the KTSB 3 Facebook page as the tornado was in the formation stages in Tyler:

This one was shared on area resident Tristan Williams' Facebook page:

And finally, another one shared by the North Texas Weather Center Facebook page:

Now, in the case that Tyler, Texas residents are dealing with another tornado warning and they're away from home, which area businesses open their doors to those in need during stormy weather like this? Let's take a look:

Tyler, TX People Share 12 of the Best Places to Go When There is a Tornado Warning

We'd like to add to this list of safer spaces people where people can seek shelter in the case of a tornado in the Tyler, Texas area. So if you're aware of any public spaces good for taking shelter during tornadic storms, let us know so we can add them!

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