Hold up, stop the presses. This Saturday (10/14) Whiskey Myers returns home to Tyler, TX for the first time in 8 excruciatingly long years. We've missed 'em and they've missed us. So to celebrate the occasion, Uncle Chicken's Sippin' Whiskey wants to buy you concert tickets to Rose City Music Festival, presented by Peter's Autosports.

Uncle Chicken's Bourbon Sippin' Whiskey unleashes aromas of smooth butterscotch and savory vanilla, with flavors of black pepper on the tongue. Caramel and roasted almond notes finish off every sip.

Yes, they want to buy you concert tickets. Uncle Chicken’s Sippin’ Whiskey has purchased the final 1,000 concert tickets to the show with the express intent of selling them back to their longtime fans as a special thank you for years of support.

Here's what to do:

  1. Click here to buy your tickets.
  2. Enter promo code UNCLECHICKENS (You can copy/past that one).
  3. Enter the number of tickets you want.
  4. Watch Uncle Chicken's chop your total price in half.
  5. Check out, and we'll see you on The Brick Streets.

Guys, it's true. You buy 2 concert tickets, Uncle Chicken's pays for 1 and you pay for 1. You buy 10 concert tickets, Uncle Chicken's pays for 5 and you pay for 5.

This is your chance to see Whiskey Myers AND Ludacris with special guest Matt Koizol for basically $55 a pop. You can't beat that and it's all thanks to Uncle Chicken's Sippin' Whiskey. For more fun don't miss the Uncle Chicken's Sippin' Whiskey Pre-Party at Where's Rufus Sports Bar in Tyler Saturday (10/14) afternoon from 1pm to 4pm.

A big thanks to Rose City Music Festival presenting sponsor Peters Autosports. Also to: Altra Federal Credit Union, Rose City Air, Yosemite Roofing, Cavender’s, and Woody’s Accessories.

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