Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and crime is a part of life and it's something we have to accept. Our local police departments though are constantly working to keep our streets and communities as safe as possible, but there are those criminals that have slipped through and keep evading police and have made it on the Tyler Police Departments most wanted list. Since the city is featuring twelve of them on the website, we're calling this list the 'Tyler Dirty Dozen'.

If you see any of these people, contact Tyler police at 903.531.1000 or Tyler-Smith County Crimestoppers at 903.597.2833 and report their location. In no way should you try to apprehend these folks, leave that up to the police. In come cases, there could be a reward associated with the arrest of these individuals.

The following have confirmed warrants as of 18:00 on April 24, 2017 and posted on the Tyler Police Department website.

  • Tylerpolice.com

    Randy Andrews

    DOB: 05-07-57

    Possession of a controlled substance

  • Tylerpolice.com

    Jeffrey Graham

    DOB: 09-28-76

    Engaging in organized crime

  • Tylerpolice.com

    Jean Rodriguez

    DOB: 01-16-63

    Exploitation of an elderly/disabled individual

  • Tylerpolice.com

    Raul Moreno

    DOB: 11-30-70

    Sexual assault

  • Tylerpolice.com

    Bridget Anderson

    DOB: 06-10-70

    Felony theft & fraud

  • Tylerpolice.com

    Leoncio Arellano

    DOB: 08-05-61

    Indecency with a child

  • Tylerpolice.com

    Soraya Quezada

    DOB: 03-05-17


  • Tylerpolice.com

    Christopher Lunsford

    DOB: 12-10-79

    Possession of a controlled substance

  • TYlerpolice.com

    Terryaun Rodgers


    Aggrevated robbery

  • Tylerpolice.com

    Roderick Taylor

    DOB: 05-06-88

    Engaging in organized crime

  • Tylerpolice.com

    David Welch

    DOB: 06-17-91

    Burglary of habitation

  • Tylerpolice.com

    Andrea Ashley

    DOB: 12-27-81