If you visit Port Aransas, Texas within the next few weeks, be prepared for the possibility of running into a Portuguese man-of-war. These guys are not fun to run into, either. Just brushing up against one of their tentacles can cause a pretty big pain. Here's what to do to avoid them and how to treat a sting.

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Travelers have been telling stories of seeing the deadly Portuguese man-of-war on the shores of Port Aransas, Texas. It would not be fun at all to step on one of these, either. Their tentacles can produce a sting with enough venom to kill fish, which they feed on, and, if given the right situation, to even kill a human (the chances are extremely low for that, however). The venom is strong enough to still be painful hours to days after death. That's why you want to avoid them if washed up on a beach.

What's interesting is that all you ever really see of them is the top "bubble." Their tentacles hang down in the water and are extremely long. That's the part that makes getting near them unpredictable. Even when washed up on a beach, those tentacles can get buried in the sand. You don't see it, you step on it, you're stung.

What do you do if you are stung? Scott Cross, director for parks and coastal services in Nueces County, told mysanantonio.com,

Grab your first aid kit: Use a combination of regular old vinegar and meat tenderizer. Mix into a paste and apply to the affected area. You are trying to neutralize the acidic compound of the poison in the sting.

This just shows you the variety of sea life you can see along the Texas coast. Last year, people were seeing Blue Dragons along the coast.

Kenny Do via Youtube
Kenny Do via Youtube

If your travels take you to the Texas coast and you see either of these fascinating sea creatures, safely get a picture and share it with us.

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