Living in the state of Texas is lots of fun and if you ask anyone who has been here their entire life, they will say it’s always been this way. But it’s amazing to me how so many of the items we remember from our childhood is now worth so much money. It makes sense that people would pay good money for those nostalgic items, but it’s incredible the price tag being places on some of these specific items. 

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When we were growing up these items were nothing special, many of them were just laying around the house. But looking back now many of us wish we would have taken better care of these items because they are worth so much money now. But most of us would have never thought these items could bring in these kinds of dollars. 

Some Items Found at Antique Stores 

It’s both fun and a little sad visiting antique stores lately, as so many of the items you find in these stores are things that we used growing up and now they are antiques. It’s also ridiculous to see some price tags in those antique stores because many of those items are worth so much money now.  

What Items Are Bringing in Big Dollars 

There is a good chance that you have a few of these items still around your house or in your attic, I just hope they are in good condition so they can bring you some money. Here is a look at the items that are bringing in good money that you remember from your childhood.  

Items from Your Childhood Now Worth Lots of Money

Most people who grew up in Texas remember these items, but you probably didn't realize how much money they are worth now.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Vintage Lunch Boxes

If you were in school in the 70's chances are you carried a lunch box to school every day. Many of these boxes featuring the latest movies, TV shows and bands.

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

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