Just like you, I was not alive in Tyler, Texas 100 years ago. I’m sure the town looked great as it was growing and developing but things look quite different now. I’m guessing that the traffic on Broadway has increased over the past 100 years, but that is just my assumption. But I was a bit curious and wanted to know what Tyler, TX was known for 10 years ago? So, I did a little research and found out. 

Like most people I wanted to know if Tyler was known for the same things that it’s known for now. And why would people back in 1924 want to be here in East Texas. And while Tyler is not a gigantic city in Texas it’s fun to know what shaped the identity of our town in East Texas.  

Tyler Has Been Improving Itself for 100 Years 

One thing that was fun and exciting to find out about Tyler is that the city has continued to evolve and diversify its economy. Now Tyler is very well known for its healthcare facilities, schools, and of course roses. 

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Let’s Look at What Tyler Was Famous For 100 Years Ago 

Since I didn’t know anyone that was around in Tyler 100 years ago, I started looking online and found quite a bit from the AI program ChatGPT. Let’s see what the artificial intelligence program knows about Tyler, Texas and what made it so popular 100 years ago. If you have any old photos of Tyler, please feel free to share those in the comment section.  

Tyler, Texas Was Known for These Things 100 Years Ago

Looking at Tyler, Texas 100 years ago, here were the things that this East Texas town was best known for.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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