I've seen messages online from parents in Kilgore talking about students not being able to use the bathroom in the middle of the school day, this is because of the Tik Tok challenges going on. Other parents in Hallsville have mentioned bathrooms being locked when class is in session. One staff member of Tyler ISD saying that teachers and administrators are having to monitor bathroom activity due to theft and vandalism from the online challenge. There is only one way to correct this inappropriate behavior which is to make the punishment for this behavior more severe.

It's ridiculous that we are even having to talk about things like this but it's a problem and needs to be addressed. Most people have heard of the 'Devious Licks' challenge by now but lots of schools here in East Texas are having to make serious changes due to the amount of soap dispensers, toilets, and fixtures being broken or stolen.

What Changes Are East Texas Schools Having to Make Due To These Online Challenges

While it might sound harsh that bathrooms aren't open for students to use during the school day, that is the reality as school districts can't afford to replace broken or stolen items. And they don't have enough staff members to monitor the bathrooms at all times, so some school bathrooms are being locked.

The Decision to Have Bathrooms Open Again During School Hours Are Up to the Students

If students want to have their bathroom privilege's back, they are only being asked to not vandalize or steal items. This seems like common sense, but for many that seems to be lost, and it's very unfortunate for those students who have to deal with these consequences when they would never steal or vandalize school property. And for those who are caught, the punishment has to be severe so other students understand that this behavior will not be tolerated.

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