Obviously, when this crosswalk was first placed on Paluxy Drive in Tyler, Texas, the traffic was MUCH less dense than it is today. But as many an East Texan knows, that is no longer the case.

Our East Texas cities are growing incredibly fast--and that means WAY more traffic.

Recently, I ran across this video on a local Facebook group page and I was rather stunned. I share it with you below. The source of the video asked us to leave their name off the credits. 

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The video shows a young man, who looks to be around middle school-aged, attempting to make his way home from school by utilizing the crosswalk linking the Hubbard Middle School neighborhood with an apartment complex across Paluxy Drive in Tyler.

As you'll see in the video below, he is struggling to make his way. This was the accompanying comment shared along with the video: (Again, the quote is anonymous per their request.)

Source wishes to remain anonymous
The source wishes to remain anonymous

Even though this is a designated crosswalk, the cars either don't see the young man or they just simply refuse to yield. Either way, this is INCREDIBLY dangerous.

Something else some of us may find disturbing is the fact that the young man seems quite familiar with this frightening "Frogger" scenario when he has to navigate through cars going at speeds as high as 50 MPH--or more. That's not OK.

Thankfully, he made it across the street safely. But our kids shouldn't have to deal with this stress when they're simply trying to get home from school.

You may note that the video was actually taken in late 2019 after they'd noticed several attempts by kids and even adults to cross this traffic-heavy spot.

However, I had the chance to speak with the person who took the video who kindly shared the updates they've noticed since this was taken. Here's what was shared:

Since then, they said the crossing guard has been more careful and consistent--which is AMAZING and a good reminder that sharing these types of situations can truly be helpful for our communities. They DID add, though, that the crossing guard has had to blow their whistle on several occasions due to drivers not yielding at the crosswalk.

In our opinion, and theirs, there really should be a flashing light or an overhead sign of some kind to alert would-be distracted drivers.

Here's the video: 

Have you noticed any other areas of safety concern around East Texas that deserve more widespread awareness?

Let me know by sending an email to tara.holley@townsquaremedia.com.

Drive friendly, y'all.

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