A well known TV classic is getting a reboot, and it could be filmed just south of us in Texas' capitol.

According to a report from KIII-TV, a Walker, Texas Ranger reboot is in the works, and the city of Austin hopes to convince production to film on location there.

It's not hard to see why Austin is working to entice Eye Productions, the company creating the reboot. Of course as Texans we want the show to remain authentic. If the show were to be filmed on a Hollywood set, it just wouldn't ring true!

As I'm sure we're all aware the previous star of the original show was Chuck Norris. The reboot is set to feature Jared Padalecki, commonly known from the show Supernatural. The show would start filming in Austin from Oct. 20 through April 2021. Over 50% of filming would take place in Austin.

I'm excited about the possibility of filming being so close, but I'm also unsure about my feelings of a reboot in general. I mean, could anyone really fill Chuck Norris' shoes?

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