When I saw the video of Australia's Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, I knew exactly how she felt. High Heels are risky business and take talent to maneuver. She handled her fall with grace and held her head up high. Just like a classy woman should.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Unfortunate Trip

From our clothes, to make up, to hair and nails, women work hard to be beautiful. But beauty can be dangerous. So why do women wear high heels?

Well besides the obvious - making us feel sexy and awesome, they elongate our legs making us seem slimmer and taller.

There is nothing like the feeling of wearing high heels. The confidence and feminine feeling that a pair pumps gives you, is indescribable. I wouldn't expect you guys to understand. It might be close to how you guys feel pumping iron. Maybe?

You have to have talent to wear the extremely high heeled shoe. You must have balance, strong legs, confidence and I must admit, a bit of luck. This is not easy stuff here folks. There is a trick to walking in heels.

First, you must walk on the ball of your foot at all times. Second, you should never - ever, put your weight back on your heel, you will trip every time.Third, you must look where you're going. Watch cracks in the sidewalk, uneven surfaces and ledges.

But the most important thing to remember when wearing heels - always keep your humor and composure if you trip, it's all in the way you react if you fall. Be fierce and go out there and strut your Jimmy Choos!

This is an example of how NOT to walk in heels!