Let me start off by saying that I am deathly afraid of spiders. I'm not sure why. I've never had any kind of harrowing experience with a spider. I've just always had this unadulterated fear of those eight legged arachnids. At the same, however, I am uber fascinated, from a distance, by the creatures. This particular spider our of Australia both gives me a spine tingling chill down my spine but is also thing of beauty, despite it's danger.

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I have always wanted to visit Australia, you know, to make the rounds in Sydney, take a tour of Brisbane or head out into the Australian Outback. The downside of visiting Australia is that the wildlife wants to kill you. Sure, kangaroos are cute and all but they won't hesitate to pick a fight with you. There are plenty of crocodiles wandering around that want you for their next meal. Tasmanian Devils are not the cuddly spinning tornado we watched on Saturday mornings. Koalas are cool, though.

The other nope of Australia is their spiders. Those little nightmares are everywhere. You know how we have the occasional gecko or mouse get in our house, imagine that but it's a giant spider on your wall. That's Australia living. Some of those spiders are ready to pierce their fangs into your skin, too.

One such spider that is dangerous to humans is the funnel-web spider. It's venom is powerful enough that it could kill you. Thanks to antivenom and other miracles of medicine, if a bite is treated quickly enough, you will survive.

To keep the stock of antivenom in supply, there is actually a program in Australia (reptilepark.com.au) that allows you to catch a funnel-web spider and send it in to have the venom extracted to help with the production of antivenom. Recently, the Australian Reptile Park received the biggest funnel-web spider in it's history. This dangerous beauty measures 3.1 inches and has two fangs that are an inch long.

Oh, and the fangs are powerful enough to pierce your fingernail. The park even appropriately named it Megaspider because of it's size. Here's some pictures for size comparison:

Australian Reptile Park via Instagram
Australian Reptile Park via Instagram
Australian Reptile Park via Instagram
Australian Reptile Park via Instagram

If you want to see a video that's scarier than any horror movie released lately, than watch this video of the spider in action.

This dude ain't afraid of the bottom of our boot. He wants to kill you dead and will try his hardest to. Cheers to ultimate nightmares I, and you, will have tonight.

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