I have yet to try Walmart's curbside grocery pickup. I see the employees filling those carts every time I'm in the store and I've had friends that have used it and say it's great. I'll try it at some point.

Some companies, including Walmart, are even offering home deliveries. That's sounds even more convenient.

However, I am hesitant with a new service Walmart has tested in New Jersey, according to dallasnews.com, and about to roll out in Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach, Florida; delivery straight to your fridge.

A Walmart employee will delivery the groceries to your house, enter your home and put the groceries away in your fridge. Even with the precautions taken, I would not be comfortable with this at all.

Those precautions include the employee wearing a camera so you can watch what the delivery person is doing in your home. If the camera is not turned on, access is denied. There is also a special lock that is installed that gives a one time code for the employee to use to enter your home.

It's interesting, for sure, but I'm very weird about somebody going into where I live without me there. And to be honest, if I were an employee of Walmart, I would probably decline to do this just because I would feel weird being in someone else's home without them there.

But you may enjoy this. Let us know, would you use this type of service?

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