There's a rumor going around amongst Tyler, Texas residents that a quite popular grocery store is going to be closing its doors in the near future.

Is that true, though?

Here's the thing: For those of us who grew up in the Tyler, Texas area, there is a certain family-owned grocery store chain that many of us love. I know I do. You probably don't have to take too long to guess which grocery store chain to which I'm referring. If you guessed Brookshire Grocery Company, please receive the symbolic gold star I'm handing you at this very moment.

I'm a huge fan of Fresh by Brookshire's, especially. I find it to be a nice blend of regular grocery store items combined with some brands that it's hard to find anywhere else. On top of that, I love the people that work there. I'm not sure if it's something about the way the employees are trained, but they do always seem to try harder and are quite helpful. And as far as I know, they definitely haven't announced any plans to close, thankfully.

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OK, so then which store is rumored to have been closing its doors in Tyler, Texas?

Though I'm definitely a fan of Brookshire's, I've also come to enjoy shopping at Sprouts Farmer's Market located where the old Hasting's location used to be. I like how quiet it is in there. I enjoy having access to some of the "healthy" brands I can't find anywhere else--at least for now. I like how "open" it feels. I also love the health and beauty section. I REALLY like how close it is to the radio station, which is when I do my supplemental shopping.

The rumor the Tyler location may be closing its door developed due to a news story that came out earlier this month announcing the Phoenix, Arizona-based chain would be closing some of its stores. Upon hearing this, I was pretty worried. After all, where else would I find that Pacifica face cream and Forks Over Knives frozen entrees in East Texas?

So, is the rumor true or not?

After getting over the initial denial, I decided to call a store manager and find out for myself earlier today. The quite friendly lady to whom I spoke told me they'd received SO MANY calls from patrons asking if that rumor was true. Much to my relief, she said absolutely not. In fact, she told me Tyler is one of their best-performing locations!

So, fellow Sprouts shoppers, worry not. You don't have to worry about losing access to all that healthy, 'crunchy' goodness many have come to enjoy.

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