Good news if you've been jonesin' for a beer while watching that new flick at Longview's AMC Theater. Having been planning a full remodel to transform the theater into a more "boutique-style" property, the theater took another giant step toward adding an important finishing touch.

KLTV reports the theater had approached the Longview City Council about rezoning the property to make it a "planned development general retail [center] for a movie theater with onsite consumption of beer, wine, and mixed beverages."

Update as of this evening, the city council unanimously said "aye" to the measure. 

The new remodel, estimated to be $4.5 million, would cut the current occupancy of the theater in half. However, I can't help but speculate that after a remodel of that magnitude, plus the rezoning and new designation allowing for the sale of alcoholic beverages, it could be more profitable for the theater--not to mention more enjoyable for patrons.

KLTV's story can be found here.

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