Patrick Mahomes has probably signed thousands of autographs on Texas Tech memorabilia and Kansas City Chiefs merch in the last five or six years. As a 24-year-old phenom, he's already one of the best-known athletes on the planet and one of the most sought after brand ambassadors on the market.

Mahomes didn't wait to start signing autographs at Texas Tech, though. His pen was working long before that, and I'm not talking about his days at Whitehouse in high school (though I'm sure he signed a few there too after his prolific football displays or his double-doubles in basketball or his no-hitter in baseball).

Even before that, Mahomes would whet his sharpie and sign autographs while his dad was playing in the MLB.

Seriously. Mahomes was signing autographs as early as six years old. Six! He always knew he was big stuff.

Now, Mahomes says that wasn't the first time. Mahomes remembers doing this with the elder Mahomes before the Rangers. He played with the Mets in 1999 and 2000, and the Red Sox in 1997. I doubt Mahomes was writing his name in a legible manner before that.

Though I could argue his signature isn't legible at 24. I mean, look at it: sports memorabilia sports memorabilia

I love you, Patrick Mahomes, but what the hell is that? This is on the worst end of his signatures. There are times when his first name looks like 'Petal,' and other times where 'Psquiggle squiggle' is all that's there, like on the football above.

But with an MVP, Lombardi Trophy and more money than I will ever see in 10 lifetimes, who am I to talk down to the King of the NFL?

I will say this: I'd rather have 5-year-old Patrick's autograph than Patel Squiggle's autograph any day of the week -- and twice on Sunday.

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