A video of two women fighting in the middle of busy Houston traffic is, sadly, not so out of the ordinary. It's what happened while they were fighting that makes this one of the most bizarre videos we've ever shared.

Houston's KTRK-TV reports that one of the women rear-ended the other with an Audi at an intersection near the Eastex Freeway earlier this week. Sergio Macias began recording, and captured a scene straight out of Grand Theft Auto.

Macias told KTRK the driver of the Audi ran to the vehicle she'd hit and began exchanging blows with the driver. That's when a random guy just ran to the Audi, hopped into the driver's seat and sped off.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is reportedly investigating the incident. Personally, I think the folks at Mentos should turn this footage into a commercial. Just edit a roll of Mentos into the thief's hand and wipe with the slogan, "Mentos! Stay Cool!"

Maybe it's a dumb idea, but so is fighting in the middle of the street and letting some dude take off in your car.

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