I don't know about you, but I love a great deal! Especially, one that can be delivered to my front porch in two days.

I'm a total Amazon fanatic. I loved it before 2020, but I really began to love it as I have been staying home more in the past two years and avoiding crowds. I've begun to find myself searching amazon for amazing gadgets and everyday items that are surprisingly often the same price as driving locally to WalMart or Target.

I've been amazed at what I can just as easily have delivered, and have a brown box show up on my doorstep days later. It's like magic.

Recently, I discovered that there are many out there like me. Friends on TikTok that search for all the amazing gadgets and gifts out there that I haven't yet found. They are generous enough to share them with us in short, consumable and super FOMO videos.

I mean, I feel like I need to hurry over to Amazon.com and grab all three of these right now. The stackable corner shelves would work perfectly in my guest bathroom, and the gold and clear totally matches my aesthetic.

The gold over the shower hooks are what really caught my attention, though. My master shower has the same glass door, and I don't currently have a great solution to hang our towels, aside from throwing them over the door.

The bathtub tray is super tempting to me as well. I have a wooden tray currently, and it's seen better days. While this one is a little pricier than I would like to spend, I like that it's clear and it appears easy to clean!

Which of these would you be first to splurge one?

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