People in Longview, Texas are SUPER EXCITED about a new store that is 100%  for sure headed to the Longview Mall!

And really, I don't blame them.

It's not that we aren't seeing stores coming to our various East Texas cities left and right. But some stores just seem to bring an extra level of joy and excitement.

Some of these stores that create such a buzz are usually those so universally adored that you can practically hear a collective shout of happiness when we get word they're on the way.

Like this store, for example.

I can't tell you how many times I've been doing some shopping for home decor stuff. Ya know--all those incidentals we've been looking for for months--even if we didn't realize we were looking for them?

This could be candles, the perfect throw pillows, kitchenware, pet stuff, etc. I remember one time I had been looking for the perfect little side table that was both beautiful and functional. And frankly, I needed it to be fairly small. But I also didn't want to spend $400 plus on it, either.

Guess where I found it? THIS place--->

Photo courtesy of Marla Smith, FB
Photo courtesy of Marla Smith, FB

YEP. HomeGoods is heading to the Longview Mall. They're projecting it will be open and ready for happy, eager shoppers sometime in February of 2022. That's not far away at all.

Thanks so much to Fatima Pietro and Marla Smith for sharing the happy news with us. And sure, are we a little too excited about one store headed to the Longview Mall? Eh...not in our opinion. ;)

What other stores would you like to see come to Longview, Texas?

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