It seems like every week there is a new scam or horrible thing that is going on in Texas and other parts across the country that we need to watch out for. Often these scams are online or through text, trying to get our information. But there is something new that is gaining attention online that you need to know about that way you don’t become a victim yourself. 

Texas Car Thief Scam

Scrolling online I found this information about being extra careful if you approach your vehicle and you notice a water bottle in the tire or wheel well area of your vehicle. And you might not even notice the water bottle as you get in your vehicle but as you attempt to start moving you will hear the bottle crackling, which will make most people get out and check what is going on. That is when the thief will strike. 

Don’t Get Out of Your Vehicle 

When you get out of your vehicle to check on what is causing that noise is when the car thief will strike and either attempt to steal your vehicle or snatch any valuable items in your car. You’re distracted looking at your vehicle, it’s horrible, but I don’t want you to become a victim.  

Let Your Friends and Family Know About This 

We need to make sure our friends and family stay safe as well, so please share this information with them. This is just another reminder to stay vigilant.  

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