Cold weather is so much better than hot weather.

There are many great things about living in the South, but one of them is that there are two types of weather: hot and kinda cold.

Texas has eight months of miserable, humid heat and four months of what a Nebraskan would refer to as flip-flop weather.

From March to October, it’s hot. From November to February, it’s just right.

Recently, we entered the “Just Right Weather Season”. As it tends to do here when our two weather seasons collide and the change becomes obvious, one day it was in the 80’s and the next I was hauling firewood into the house.

So, it is now that we in Texas begin celebrating the only four months of the year when we can’t feel the cilia being seared from the insides of our lungs during normal respiration.

For those who’ve never spent any time in Texas during July and August, let me describe the heat to you the best way that I can: Indescribable.

Each year on the first day of 100+ degree weather, like clockwork, I arrive home and this conversation takes place:

Me: “Honey, pack your bags. We’re moving to Montana.”

Her: “You say this every year. We’re not moving to Montana. It’s too cold there.”

Me: “That’s the point.”

Her: “Send me a postcard.”

And so as we near Thanksgiving, I want to salute “Just Right Weather Season” in Texas. A time filled with bearable weather. Bearable enough that I’m going on my 30th year as a Texas transplant.

The “Just Right Weather Season”. Yet another reason down here we all say “God Bless Texas.”