A popular fast food chain in Texas announced plans to roll out 'surge pricing' in Texas soon, according to a story from WFAA out of Dallas, Texas.

Get ready for fluctuating frosty prices in Longview and Tyler, Texas, y'all. Similar to car services like Lyft or Uber, Wendy's plans to put in digital boards so they may change their prices throughout the day depending on the 'surge' of customers at any given time.

Does that seem ethical to you?

Perhaps many would say 'yes,' given the way our economy works.

And Wendy's wouldn't be the first. They quite possibly took a cue to engage in surge pricing from ride-sharing companies such as Lyft and Uber. Since then, the ride-sharing companies have made changes.

What exactly is surge pricing anyway?

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Surge pricing is defined by Microsoft's Co-Pilot as "the practice of charging more for a product or service during periods when it is in high demand."

For example, during times of high traffic events a ride-share company may decide to increase their pricing.

And this is what Wendy's is planning to roll out possibly as early as next year.

A story shared by WFAA reports that "Wendy's plans to spend around $20 million over the next 2 years to add digital menu boards that will allow the fast food chain to change prices on the fly."

This pricing concept was revealed to a group of investors on February 15 by the president and CEO of Wendy's himself--Kirk Tanner.

Kirk Tanner, the president and CEO of the fast food chain, announced the fluctuating pricing model during a presentation for investors on Feb. 15. He also said they were looking at "AI-enabled menu changes and suggestive selling."

Would you be willing to pay more at different times of the day to satisfy your french fries dipped in Frosty craving? Are we going to see more businesses embracing this 'dynamic pricing structure?'

It may be inevitable. But will you continue to support these businesses or do you feel its an unfair and/or disturbing trend?

Let us know in the comments.

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