The belly button is something that we don't always think about, but is always there. As children we learn where is it and how to point to it. But, since then what have we learned about that little spot on our stomaches? Here is a little more info. Plus, vote on who might have the smelliest. 

The belly button is located on the stomach where the umbilical cord once resided. It is a curious little thing that almost everyone has.

Most of us, though, have one and even then they are unique to each of us. Some people have "innies" and some have "outies." No matter the shape, they are different for every person, almost like a finger print.

This is because all of us carry a unique cocktail of bacteria and dirt in our belly buttons. Pretty gross huh? Men's Health continues by saying, "your own navel shares few germs in common with anyone else."

So, each of us carry around little pockets of disgusting on our tummies that is all our own. But, what bacteria is in there?

The National Geographic article on the subject said the belly button is like a rain forest because of the endless amount of species of living organisms living in it.

If you now have a sudden interest in cleaning your navel, here is some help.

Now that we have clean belly buttons, lets learn a little more about them. What can be the advantages of a belly button?

Also, some belly buttons themselves are more attractive to us. Research has found that 'T' shaped belly buttons are more attractive. Maybe that is the reasoning behind some of the belly button piercing trend.

We now understand a little more about our navels. We know they can be sexy, they can tells a lot about the person, and that they are down right dirty and gross. So, who has the worst smelling belly button. Come on and admit it, you have smelled a nasty belly button before. Whether it was your own or someone else's. Just out of curiosity, please answer the poll below.

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