Tuesday, June 18, celebrate National Go Fishing Day!

Whether you've never fished before, or many many times, June 18, is a day to celebrate the sport of fishing. Here in East Texas we are blessed to have many incredible lakes to enjoy.

I grew up around Fishing all my life. My dad loves to fish for big bass. We lived at Lake Cherokee when I was born, and spent a great deal of time on the water. Later, Dad spent more of his time fishing tournaments with friends, but still made time to take us out to enjoy crappie fishing.

Today, my husband also loves to fish for big bass. We practically have a tackle shop in our garage, and it's awesome. He loves it, and hits the water any chance he gets.

While it's not my favorite pastime, I very much enjoy spending time on the water - and I love supporting him in his hobby. If you've never been fishing, but are curious about the sport, a great place to visit is the Texas Freshwater Fisheries in Athens.


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