Everyone has that one weird thing they're obsessed with. For some it's movies, others it's video games, and for others it's Walt Disney World (sorry, not sorry). Then there's the weird, dark, paranormal, and UFO junkies - cool, nothing wrong with that. You're just the people I'm talking to in this piece. I want to know...what the heck are these lights?

The lights were caught on video by Kristan Mire in Houston on Wednesday night. In her Facebook post, she asked, "Can anyone explain to me what this is?' I walked outside my backyard and seen these lights. They literally just disappeared in front of my eyes!' .

I myself am not sure of what the mysterious lights are, but as you can imagine, when the video made the rounds on social media, ideas started coming in including, a military exercise, drones, and airplanes.

Judge for yourself:

The lights seem pretty stationary and organized. They don't suddenly appear then disappear...they're just sort of...there. You can see them flash repeatedly in the video, then the video ends.

In her Facebook post, Kristan is going back and forth with her friends regarding what else the lights could be. She dismissed suggestions that the lights might simply be from a plane, although she says she does live close to an airport, ‘they definitely weren’t aeroplanes’. She also dismissed a suggestion that the lights were Chinese lanterns.

A similar video was posted out of Miami on Tuesday night, but according to reports, social media users have called it a fake.

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