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Christmas lights and decorations come in all shapes and sizes and when it comes to outdoor decorations and lighting up your home for Christmas, it is up to you, the homeowner, to express yourself and create your vision. While most homes and neighborhoods adorn their houses with lights in a uniform fashion with straight lines of lights that outline the house, driveway, and flowerbeds, there is one neighborhood in Austin, Texas that takes a different approach when it comes to lighting up their houses and they do it in their own special unique way.

Following the adopted slogan for the city of Austin, 'Keep Austin Weird', the residents of 37th Street are doing just that with their Christmas light displays. These light displays are one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world. While visiting some friends in Austin this past weekend the subject of this street came up so we just had to go pay it a visit.

The '37th Street Lights' has been attracting thousands of visitors since the late 1960's when it started out as an art exhibit, according to Wikipedia. The lights stretch out along three blocks of 37th Street, beginning at Guadalupe Street to Home Lane. Now you can drive this narrow residential street and view the lights, but the best way to view it is by walking it because you get to see and experience everything for yourself.

Walking the sidewalks you're able to visit the stuffed animal petting zoo, sip on some free beer from residents, check out some aliens and their spacecraft and dance underneath one of the igloo style light creations to some techno dance music. The night we visited (Saturday, December 11th) there was a band playing Christmas tunes which reminded me of an extremely small high school band. They were great and drew quite the crowd too.

When I say this display of lights is extremely weird, unconventional and unique, I mean it. The pictures will give you some sense of what's going on, but this is one light display you'll want to make a road trip to see for yourself because you will not see this anywhere else but Austin.

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