Have your Sundays been left with a huge void to fill now that there's no football? No pre-game parties ... no beer and wings ... no male bonding. What's a guy to do?

As it turns out, there are actually lots of things to do. Here are nine great ways to spend your Sundays now that football is over after the jump.

What to do with your sunday

1. Sleep In
2. Watch NBA and NHL games (Go FLAMES -- Yeah!)
3. Hang out with your non-football-loving friends (that you've ignored for 6 months--or not)
4. Fight crime (NOTE:  You must honestly asses your body type and wear the proper Super Hero Suit...you know please no 'moose knuckles')
5. Maybe spend some time with your wife and family (or clean the garage)
6. Start thinking about next year's Fantasy Football team (never hurts to have your research done)
7. Spend some time outdoors (deep breath in -- exhale -- then head back into the house -- don't want to over do it)
8. Exercise (Never a bad idea -- baby steps)
9. Watch 60 Minutes (or take a nap)

* What is a typical Sunday like for you now that football is over? How lost and confused do you feel? Are you getting anything constructive done now that you have this extra day?

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