As much as "It's A Southern Thing" is making fun of Hollywood trying to do southern accents, there is a ton of truth to this, too.

I am a born and raised East Texan and neither I, nor my friends, talk like this. Sure, there's an accent. Sure, there's a twang. But come on. Hollywood makes southerners sound like half of their brain was removed.

Hollywood only has half a brain, anyway. Probably why they have to use totes for totally or don't believe in meat.

Watching the above video, I found my favorite parts were in the basement with the chair and the doctor at the end.

Or just the beginning, "Betty Lou!" I had to pause to get over the laughter.

"You too chiiiken." Geez.

Take the minute fifteen or so and enjoy some laughter above.

Check out more from "It's A Southern Thing" at their Youtube channel.

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