Where can you find the best oysters in Tyler?

If you love oysters, you might be able to eat them anywhere that serves them, but if you’re like me and Gulf Coast oysters don’t always agree with you, then you start hunting for places that serve oysters on the half shell that come from another coast.

Many years ago, when I was first dating my husband we took a short trip to Charleston, SC. We enjoyed everything about it. The city is beautiful, the people are friendly, there are historical places dating back to the Revolutionary War all over, and the food is also amazing.

While we were there, we enjoyed dining at several places and ate a lot of seafood as we were so close to the Atlantic and knew it would be fresh. He encouraged me to try oysters. I was hesitant. They don’t really look all that appealing. They are slimy and muscle-ly and just didn’t seem like something I would like.

Did I mention we were newly dating?

So I tried them. I was surprised. I actually liked the slimy little things, especially with cocktail sauce and crackers. We really knocked them out at a place called Hank’s close to our hotel and enjoyed more at an oyster bar called Pearls. They are both worth your time should you choose to visit Charleston.

So we returned home to Tyler and we ventured out one evening for Half Price oysters. It didn’t end well. I’ve tried again a few times at a few places and discovered, the hard way, that it really is the Gulf Coast oysters that don’t agree with me.

For many people this is not an issue. My husband, his father and our friends can all enjoy them from the Gulf Coast, but not me.

So where can I enjoy them?

There are two places in Tyler that I have found where I can eat them, and not be sorry for it later.

Dakota’s and The Black Pearl.

Both of these places also have a great bar setting to enjoy them. You can relax in the bar, order oysters and enjoy cocktails.

At Dakota’s, you can order them fried, baked or on the half shell. They have a variety of options including Oysters Rockefeller, and Angry Oysters, which are fried oysters with tenderloin strips, pork belly strips, blue cheese, and Louisiana hot sauce.

Downtown, at the Black Pearl you can enjoy Oysters flown in from the East Coast as well as other delicious delicacies. In fact, when they first opened back in 2016, I visited with the chef and tried several dishes and a couple of cocktails.

There are loads of places that serve oysters in Tyler and the surrounding area, but for me these two are my favorite.

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