Homecoming is a big deal in White Oak. I grew up there, attending White Oak ISD from kindergarten through graduation. The city is proud of its traditions, including triennial homecoming.

What's that? Well, the 2A school only hosts a homecoming game, pep rally and festivities once every three years. Yes, it's true. In high school, if homecoming falls during your Freshman year, you'll see it again as a Senior. If it falls during your sophomore or junior year, you only experience it once.

As with most things, there are pros and cons to this way of doing things. Do some miss out on the opportunity to participate in the homecoming court? Yes. On the other hand, many alumni make it a priority to return for Homecoming, due to the low number of occurrences.

Can you spot me in the photo above? I'm seated on the White Oak Middle School Student Council parade float. One of the only traditional floats that appeared in the parade that year. Most groups opted to walk or ride the bed of a pick-up truck.

This year the big event falls this weekend, and will include reunions and gatherings for alumni on Saturday night. It looks like it will be a special weekend yet again for those returning home, beneath the towering oil wells.

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