My hometown ranks in the top 50 safest cities in Texas, and I'm not surprised.

White Oak, has been named as the 41st safest city in the state of Texas, and honestly I'm surprised it didn't rank higher on the list comprised by

This is a town where I walked down the middle of the main drag in the middle of the night during a sleepover. We didn't have to lock our doors, though my mom insisted that we do it.

Some additional Interesting Findings from the site:

  • 80% of this year’s safest cities also made the list in 2018.
  • Kermit, the safest city in Texas, reported zero counts of violent crimes in 2017.
  • 96% of the cities reported fewer than 100 total violent crimes, and no city saw more than 1.16 incidents per 1,000.
  • 80% were murder-free.
  • Digital security is the top safety concern in Texas, with 58% naming it number one on our State of Safety report.
  • 21% of Texas respondents to our State of Safety study experienced a digital security issue in the past year, compared to just 8% who experienced a violent crime.

Where do other cities rank in East Texas?

Lindale ranked at 202, Tyler at 219, and Longview at 228.

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